noun ( vir·tu·al re·al·i·ty )

“The computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.”



Explore new worlds and limitless experiences with just a headset, software, and the space around you. Users can interact with an alternate three dimensional environment as if it were reality, experiencing the sinking in your stomach while peering off a tall building, or the sweat of fear and panic while being chased by zombies.

And gaming is just the beginning. When you experience Virtual Reality, you’re getting a sneak peek at the future of technology and human interaction. Imagine holding the first iPhone years before the public, or getting behind the wheel of a Tesla a decade ago. VR is shaping the future, and you’re getting the first look.



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+ VR is just for Gamers (False!)

Facebook invested over $2 billion in Virtual Reality. And it wasn’t to make a VR version of Farmville. Virtual Reality is set to become the social platform of the future, improving human interactions across the globe.

And current VR experiences extend far beyond blasting zombies. Adventures around the world and into outer space can be seen through your headset. You can even paint a 3D masterpiece. There’s a virtual reality experience for everyone.



+ VR is Expensive (False!)

Virtual Reality doesn’t have to be an exclusive hobby for the Tony Starks among us. While purchasing the gear, the games, and the accessories can add up, Upward VR gives anyone the ability to experience Virtual Reality for an hour without the massive investment.



+ VR is a Solitary Hobby (False!)

The pop culture stereotype of humans becoming isolated by virtual reality and disengaging from the real world couldn’t be less accurate. In the engaging arcade setting of Upward VR, families, coworkers, and students can experience Virtual Reality as a team.

The incredibly realistic feeling of panic, fear, and joy that you’ll discover together while experiencing Virtual Reality is the ultimate bonding experience. You’ll be exchanging stories for weeks.



+ VR is a Fad (False!)

Venture capital firms invested 1.7 billion in Virtual Reality in 2015 alone. It’s safe to say this technology isn’t doomed to be the next Google Glass. It’s the next step in human interaction, and experiencing it right now will give you the first look.



+ VR Doesn't Feel Real (False!)

There are dozens of stories on Virtual Reality where players are moved to tears by the realism and excitement they feel. For many adults, it’s a peek back into childhood – a true feeling of experiencing something new for the first time. You’ll feel the sinking in your stomach when you’re up high, and you’ll jump at surprises that appear around every corner. Virtual Reality feels very real, and you have to come experience it for yourself.